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# 1 Mirror Ball


The worlds biggest Mirror Ball carrying people, will take you on a journey to Studio 54’s Disco era of the spectacle that makes your event unforgetable with a DJ, electronic drummer, singer inside the ball or your CEO entering the party or opens the speech in a Disco Ball. 

The Disco Ball spinns and can carry up to 4 people.


# 2 The Worlds Biggest Drum



The worlds biggest kick-drum, built with projector screen as the drumhead. The kick- drum is 16 feet ( 5 meters) in diameter. A drum set is mounted on the kick and on a given moment the whole drum turns upside down with the drummer

hanging 16 feet up in the air playing

drums using this awesome drum as the kick.






# 3 SkyDrums


It begins with Drums that are mounted on a five meter (16 foot) high steel pole and in a breathtaking instant the poles give way to a free fall leaving the drummers hanging over the audience in a 35 degree angel.

Extremely good for welcoming guests in or outside. 

Can also be used as a crazy alternative Lounge

music act.




# 4 Krupa


ConRytmo’s salute to the late great jazz legend Gene Krupa who made the drums into a solo instrument. In this feature, four drummers interactive with Benny Goodman Big Band on a massive video screen in real time. A performance that will surely bring you back to the glory days of Hollywood and Las Vegas.

# 5 ConGlassmo

ConRytmo’s version of Scarborough Fair played on wine glasses, champagne

glasses and fish bowls simultanously with the delicate feel of a singers fragile voice.

One is then left with a sound

of this magical music that has never been heard 


# 6 The Duel


The theme is taken from a Clint Eastwood movie and showcases a high speed drum battle involving fantastic world class drumming . The two drummers "fight" over being the best ‘Drum & Bass’ player while expressing their

anger by glowing in the dark using



# 7 Laser


ConRytmo pays tribute to Michael Jackson by “DJ-ing” on a self constructed laser beam system which shoots and spreads out over the audience like a spider web. This unique number is extremely advanced technically as well as laugh out loud humorus and is guaranteed

to blow everyones mind each time it’s being


# 8 ConLightmo


A high intensity percussion piece played with glowing drumsticks which create a light and sound inferno showing the power of drums.

# 9 Move over Beethoven


Classical meets drums. Beethovens 5th Symphony played on gigantic walking frames with Staccato drums mounted on the frame for drummers on the move.

Can move around in the audience or rolling in a

parade on the street

# 10 Samba


ConRytmo's interpretation of a samba for four. Moves through the audience. Shows how four drums

can make incredably big and groovie sounds.

# 11 ConClubmo
Clubbing at it's best! The DJ inside a gigantic Disco ball with live bass and guitar enforcing the groove together with a singer and insaine ConRytmo drummers.  Your dance floor will never be the same!


# 12 Marching
Marching with a modern touch of LED drumsticks and hip beat in a powerful 

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